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This week JR Price from H.I.S. Travel KUL
Below is another itinerary example for one of my customer
> this customer In and Out Airport is from Nagoya
> They want to visit Hiroshima and Takayama in their trip
> Hotel at Osaka and Kyoto is expensive, so stay at Nagoya

Hope can help your trip also



Cost Covered


Day 1 - arrival at NGO


4:30 PM

Arrive in Nagoya Centria International Airport


>> Collect baggage, Immigration and custom check


>> Go to Nagoya Airport Train Station.



From Airport take train to Hotel


# Nagoya Airport >> Meitetsu Nagoya



>> Then walk around 10 minutes to Hotel



Arrive Hotel – check in


<stay at Dormy Inn Nagoya>



Day 2: Hiroshima + Miyajima Island



Start Using JR pass on this day



To Hiroshima


>> Check out hotel


8:44 AM

# Nagoya >> Shin-Osaka (by Shinkansen Kodama) >> Hiroshima (by Shinkansen Sakura)


*you'll need to change train at Shin-Osaka Station.


11:26 AM

Arrive Hiroshima.


>> Proceed to Hotel and check in luggage. Then ready to Miyajima Island



To Miyajima


# Hiroshima >> Miyajimaguchi  (by JR Sanyo Line, 26 mnt)


>> From Miyajimaguchi, walk 5 min. to Ferry Pier, then take Ferry to Miyajima


# Miyajimaguchi Pier >> Miyajima Pier (by JR West Miyajima Ferry, 15 mnt)



Arrive at Miyajima Island.


>> Visit Itsukushima Shrine, Momiji Park and more.


>> Back to Hiroshima by reverse direction.


# Miyajima Pier >> Miyajimaguchi Pier (by JR West Miyajima Ferry, 15 mnt)


# Miyajimaguchi St. >> Hiroshima St. (by JR Sanyo Line, 26 mnt)


<stay at Granvia Hiroshima>



Day 3: 1/2 Hiroshima + 1/2 Himeji


*Himeji visit is an option. You may stay longer at Hiroshima, and skip Himeji.


**Himeji point of interest is Himeji Castle, which currently partially renovated. Himeji Castle is registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and top 3 best castle in Japan


***As Himeji Castle closed early, so better go in the morning, then spend evening time at Hiroshima



To Himeji from Hiroshima


# Hiroshima >> Himeji  (by Shinkansen Sakura, 55 mnt)


>> Himeji Castle Entrance fee



*try to find Himeji Castle Volunteer Guide. They'll you better idea of Himeji Castle.



Back to Hiroshima from himeji


# Himeji St >> Hiroshima (Shinkansen Sakura, 62 mnt)



Hiroshima Sightseeing


>> Use Hiroshima Mepuru Bus - FOC for JR pass holder.


>> Visit Atomic Dome, Peace Park and other attraction.


>> Back to Hotel.



<stay at Granvia Hiroshima>



Day 4: Universal Studio Japan / Osaka One Full Day


*On the way to Ngaoya, it is best to travel around Osaka 1 day. >> Luggage keep in locker.



** At Osaka you have choice to go to Universal Studio Japan (theme park) or Osaka Town



*** If you want to got to USJ, the best is take the earliest train from Hiroshima.






From Hiroshima to Osaka



# Hiroshima >> Shin-Osaka (by Shinkansen Hikari, 145 minutes)



Arrive at Osaka >> Put luggage in the locker






Option 1: To Universal Studio Japan



# Shin-Osaka >> Osaka Station (by JR Kyoto Line, 4 mnt) >> Nishikujo (by JR Osaka Loop Line, 6 minutes) >> Universal City (by JR Yumesaki Line, 5 minutes)



Enjoy Universal Studio Japan - 1 Day Pass  // Adult RM 238,  Child, RM 169 //

 buy Open ticket from H.I.S. Kuala Lumpur and get limited edition USJ Passport Holder



>> Return to Shin-Osaka Station by reverse direction






Option:2 You may Also use Osaka Amazing Pass 2014 to travel Osaka Town and attraction. :



>> Refer here for sampel itinerary:






From Osaka to Nagoya



# Shin-Osaka >> Nagoya (by Shinkansen Hikari, 57 minutes)



>> Arrive Nagoya and check in Hotel






<stay at Dormy Inn Nagoya>



Day 5: Kyoto



To Kyoto



# Nagoya >> Kyoto (by Shinkansen Hikari or Kodama, 50 mnt)



Arrive at Kyoto Station.



>> Buy  1 day Kyoto City Bus Pass







>> Visit Nijo Castle



# Kyoto St. >> Nijojo-mae (Kyoto City Bus 101)



>> Nijo Castle Entrance fee




>> Then continue to Kinkakuji / Golden Pavilion



# Nijojo-mae >>  Kinkakuji-michi (Kyoto City bus 101)



>>  Kinkakuji Entrance fee




>> Lunch and Pray at Kyoto Musolla



# Kinkakuji-michi >> Kojinguchi (Kyoto City Bus 59)



>> Pray at Kyoto Muslim Centre + Lunch at Rose Café



>> Then Visit Unesco World Heritgae Site of Kiyomizu Temple and Higashiyama Area.



# Rose Café >> Kawaramachi Marutomachi (5mn. Walk) >> Gojo zaka (Kyoto City Bus 202)



>> You may walk till Gion Street Area




>> visit Kyomizudera + shopping street all the way to the temple - entrance fee



>> Back to Kyoto station



>> Gion / Gozo zaka >> Kyoto St. (Kyoto City bus 202, 100, 206)



<Total use of Kyoto City Bus>



<Total save by 1 Day City Bus Pass>





>> If you still have remaining time, you may visit Fushimi Inari Shrine.



>> Kyoto St. >> Inari St. (by JR Nara Line)





>> Back to Nagoya from Kyoto



>> Kyoto St. >> Nagoya (by Shinkansen Hikari, 35 mnt)





<stay at Dormy Inn Osaka>



Day 6 : Kyoto + Takayama





>> Check Out Hotel and put luggage and front desk





To Kyoto (Arashiyama)



# Nagoya >> Kyoto (by Shinkansen Hikari or Kodama, 50 mnt)



# Kyoto St >> SagaArashiyama St. (JR Sagano Line, 13 Mnt)



>> Free time at Arashiyama



>> Try Sagano Scenic Train from Arashiyama to Kamoeka Station



>> From Kameoka Station return to Saga-Arashiyama Station by JR train



# Kameoka Station >> Sagaarashiyama (JR Sagano Line)



>> Visit Bamboo Groove





>> Back to Nagoya from Kyoto



>> Kyoto St. >> Nagoya (by Shinkansen Hikari, 35 mnt)



>> Arrive Nagoya and Pick luggage at Hotel





Go to Takayama from Nagoya



#Nagoya >> Takayama (Limited Express Wide View Hida; 154 minutes)



>> Check in Hotel at Takayama



>> Half day leisurely walk around Takayama town, or may take train back to Gero for Hot Spring.



#Takayama << >> Gero (Limited Express Wide View Hida, 46 minutes / way, JPY 2240 / way)






Day 7: Takayama << >> Shirakawa Go





To Shirakawa Go (from Takayama by Bus)





>> OPTION: If you have plenty of time, you may take train to Toyama and try sushi there.



Visit Toyama from Takayama



#Takayama >> Toyama (Limited Express Wide View Hida; 86 minutes)



>> Try Sushi at Toyama; it is said one of the best sushi in Japan



>> Back to Takayama



#Toyama >> Takayama (Limited Express Wide View Hida; 86 minutes)






Day 8: Takayama >> Nagoya or Kanazawa






>> Last day in Japan and Last day using JR Pass



AM: Visit Takayama Morning Market



>> Check out Hotel and Take train to Nagoya and to airport





To Nagoya




#Takayama >> Nagoya (Limited Express Wide View Hida; 154 minutes)




>> Arrive at Nagoya Station and walk to Meitetsu Nagoya Station





To Nagoya Airport




#Meitetsu Nagoya >> Nagoya Airport (by Meitetsu Mu-SKY Ltd. Exp, 28 mnt)




Arrive at Nagoya Airport






<<Total JR Usage >>



<<Saved by JR PASS>>



<<JR Pass recommendation>>





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