Thursday, 25 September 2014

Nagoya Mosque


Nagoya Mosque from Nagoya Station
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Nagoya Mosque from Kamejima Station (wal - offline map)
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From Nagoya Station

  1. Take Subway – Higashiyama Line from Nagoya Station (H08) >>> Kamejima Station (H07).
    Cost JPY 200 per way.
    // Covered by 1 day pass combine Pass or DouNichi Pass.
    // Not covered by JR pass.
  2. From Kamejima Station – take exit number 4. Take the stairs up to the main road.
  3. Once you get to the main road, you should facing gate number 1 at the other side of road. A railway line at your right and a road signage show the Nagoya Station also at your right.
  4. Go to your left. Walk around 5 ~10 minutes. You’ll see Nagoya Mosque at your right.
  5. *The building is brown in colour and have 2 minaret in front of it.

facade of Nagoya Mosque


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